Terms of Use

By using this eLearning Tool you agree to behave and apply standards which ensure a positive learning experience and protects the rights of students, staff and TAFE NSW.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

By using this eLearning Tool you agree to:

  • have respect for others by using appropriate language, providing constructive criticism and supporting the efforts of others
  • have respect for online spaces and facilities by using appropriate edits, uploading only appropriate images and files and taking care not to delete or damage student or staff resources on the site
  • not send messages or post information that is harassing, defamatory, threatening, abusive or obscene
  • not violate copyright or other forms of licences and consents
  • take reasonable precautions to prevent others from using your account(s)
  • not invite others into your personal social network site, if it contains personal information or inappropriate comments or images
  • remember that transmission, storage, promotion or display of offensive, defamatory, or harassing material is strictly forbidden
  • report any situations where you become aware of the inappropriate use of electronic communication and social networking sites
  • use TAFE NSW, South Western Sydney Institute provided electronic communication facilities only for educational or administrative purposes
  • ensure you follow guidelines in representing the Institute on the open web.

For further details please consult the "Use of TAFE NSW Internet and Intranet Services" website.

Related Policies for Staff
The eLearning Tools – Procedure available from the SWSI Intranet (PoD) outlines all the policies and procedures related to these Terms of Use. In particular, you should consult:

Related Policies for Students


TAFE NSW makes every effort to ensure that its network environment is safe and secure, but takes no responsibility for the configuration or security of privately owned devices. Staff and students of TAFE who use privately owned devices to access the TAFE network do so at their own risk.